Vampires in Cinema

The vampire figure is very much a part of the literary landscape of today and has been so for the last 200 years. It has not always appeared as it does today, as the rich, urbane gentleman, but has its origins in old folklore legends. The idea that the vampire figure has changed over the... Continue Reading →


Infaltables en tu kit: Mascarillas con miel

Después de leer esto vas a siempre querer tener Miel en tu beauty kit como algo infaltable. Lo mejor de los productos naturales son todos los beneficios que le pueden aportar a tu rostro. Desde hace muchos siglos se ha empleado para el cuidado de la belleza y la salud. Existen vestigios de que las... Continue Reading →

Shoes every Bossgirl needs

Every working girl must be prepared for challenges that may come to her career, and she must also adapt her closet to face a demanding daily life. Your style of dressing must demonstrate safety, integrity, sense of style must be versatile, appropriate and, of course, comfortable. Some people say that you should Get dressed for... Continue Reading →

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