Top 5 Textiles of the Future

Many designers are now integrating hi-tech fabrics, such as protective and impact-resistant textiles, or cellulose fabrics, with ground breaking results. Embracing new processes such as biomimicry, they bridge the gap between art, design, technology, and sustainability more than any other material. Over the last decade the textile industry has achieved a successful transformation toward developers,... Continue Reading →


The world´s first 3D printed motorcycle

APWorks produces bionically optimized metal parts for a wide range of industries, from aerospace to automotive and robotics. Its newest creation is the world’s first 3D-printed motorcycle and it's called "Light Rider". It has truly earned its name as a lightweight in its class, weighing in at just 35 kg and is propably the world's... Continue Reading →

Como mantener el enfoque en tus metas

Todos en la vida tenemos un sueño por cumplir, bien sea a nivel estrictamente profesional o simplemente algún pensamiento de niños que se nos quedó forjado en la cabeza hasta la vida adulta. Muchas veces, para lograr tal preciado sueño, es necesario cumplir ciertas metas; si mi sueño de niño era convertirme en el mejor... Continue Reading →


The world of art has forever sorrounded societies in history, but so has technology. The combination of these two has brought a whole new way of creating what we know as Digital Art. And this new Sensu Brush is the ultimate tools for digital artists, they made it posible to deliver an authentic painting experience... Continue Reading →

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