‘Victoria’ Renewed For Season 2 By ITV & PBS’ Masterpiece — Deadline

Victoria, the his ITV series starring Jenna Coleman as the young queen, has been renewed for a second season. The move comes ahead of the show’s U.S. premiere January 15 on Masterpiece on PBS. The series has averaging 7.7 million viewers in the UK since its August bow on ITV, making it the network’s top… via... Continue Reading →



FELIZ DÍA INTERNACIONAL DEL MEDIO AMBIENTE 💛🌞🌎 VISTAS EN VENEZUELA (Foto tomada en La Guaira, estado Vargas) Un halo, antelia o aro iris es un efecto óptico en forma de disco alrededor del Sol o la Luna y que presenta un anillo iridiscente en su circunferencia exterior. Usualmente se ve en lugares fríos como Antártida, Alaska,... Continue Reading →


Well guys, Im so happy with how petit voyage has grown its's been a beautiful journey. Never imagined I would be a blogger . I always dreamed of working on a #magazine since I discovered studying at PAlermo University, in Argentina, that there was art & entertainment journalism It was love at first class. The... Continue Reading →

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