MAKEUP BRUSHES: How to identify them & use correctly.

Hey guys! well, today I made a special post on makeup brushes and the right way on how to use each one. I´ve actually learned many of these tips watching famous bloggers like #michellephan, #juliagraf & #chloemorello on youtube and Instagram. Makeup resembles many times to art in the way you use every brush, colors, tones, and... Continue Reading →


What to pack for a perfect picnic at the beach

Whether you are going to a beach close by, taking the weekend for a getaway or traveling to a paradisiacal island or country, you should get ready with a list of basics that you are never going to leave behind again. First of all, take a small trip to the supermarket and stack up on... Continue Reading →

Belleza: Como tener un cabello sano

¿tu cabello está seco y opaco? ¿lo sientes algo dañado o con frizz? Lucir un cabello perfecto denota salud y belleza. La idea no es dejar la planchita o secador, sino crear una rutina de cuidados que lo hidrate y deje sedoso. Aquí les dejo unos consejos para poder solucionar algunos problemas como estos. 1. NO LO LAVES... Continue Reading →


Well, guys, I'm so happy with how petit voyage has grown it's been a beautiful journey. Never imagined I would be a blogger. I always dreamed of working on a #magazine since I discovered studying at Palermo University, in Argentina, that there was art & entertainment journalism It was love at first class. The trick... Continue Reading →

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