Male Hair Trends 2016

For several years we have accepted and included them openly and without prejudice, in our world of beauty and health. The modern man is no longer a caveman and you know that we love how handsome and sexy they look, each in their own style. Here you can find various styles of male haircuts that... Continue Reading →

Belleza: Como tener un cabello sano

¿tu cabello está seco y opaco? ¿lo sientes algo dañado o con frizz? Lucir un cabello perfecto denota salud y belleza. La idea no es dejar la planchita o secador, sino crear una rutina de cuidados que lo hidrate y deje sedoso. Aquí les dejo unos consejos para poder solucionar algunos problemas como estos. 1. NO LO LAVES... Continue Reading →


This is by far one of my favorite movies of this year..The colors, the smell (you can actually smell the cooking), the beautiful landscapes of France and the rich Indian culture. It has my 10 points approval!  Screenplay: Steven Knight directed by Lasse Hallstrom, a script written by Steven Knight, adapted from the novel by... Continue Reading →

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