‘Victoria’ Renewed For Season 2 By ITV & PBS’ Masterpiece — Deadline

Victoria, the his ITV series starring Jenna Coleman as the young queen, has been renewed for a second season. The move comes ahead of the show’s U.S. premiere January 15 on Masterpiece on PBS. The series has averaging 7.7 million viewers in the UK since its August bow on ITV, making it the network’s top…

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Infused Water, cucumber & lemon


Hey guys! I made this infused water some days ago and took it to the beach in a bottle. It was vrry refrshing and much more healthy than coke or any other soda. It gives you a feeling that you are drinking juice and it tastes pretty good. I made this one with lemon and cucumber.Hope you like it!

The idea is to cut finely half a cucumber and half a lemon and put them into a water bottle or any other type of bottle you want. This works with many other combinations of fruits I have another post on infused waters you can also go and check that one for more ideas.

Agua Saborizada con limon y pepino


Hola chicos, aca les dejo un agua saborizada que hice para llevar en un termo a la playa. Son una buena alternativa para refrescos/gaseosas y son tan ricas como jugos. La que hice fue de pepino y limon.

No tiene mucha ciencia basicamente es cortar rodajas de cualquier frutas que 3 y dejarlas una noche en la nevera enfriando, esta vez fue pepino y limon.



Look DEL DÍA: Mi look rumbero del viernes…Bueno chicas hablemos claro..No tienes que ponerte un vestido o falda (pollera) cortita cada vez que sales! Unos pantalones o jeans altos y un Crop Top se ven igual de sexy sin tener que mostrar tanta pierna. Solo tienes que sentirte bella y segura de ti misma. Te aseguro que vas a arrazar a donde vayas.

Look of the Day #4

IMG_20150706_024733LOOK OF THE DAY: It’s Friday Night. Girls lets have a talk..you don’t have to wear a short skirt or a dress everytime you go out partying! A pair of high waisted jeans and a Crop Top looks as sexy as showing some legs. You just have to feel good & work your look!