What to pack for a perfect picnic at the beach

Whether you are going to a beach close by, taking the weekend for a getaway or traveling to a paradisiacal island or country, you should get ready with a list of basics that you are never going to leave behind again. First of all, take a small trip to the supermarket and stack up on... Continue Reading →



The world of art has forever surrounded societies in history, but so has the technology. The combination of these two has brought a whole new way of creating what we know as Digital Art. And this new Sensu Brush is the ultimate tools for digital artists, they made it possible to deliver an authentic painting... Continue Reading →

Tips for Perfectly Healthy Hair

For your hair to look perfectly healthy and beautiful it is necessary to stop using heat tools unless you really need them. Save them for special occasions and instead create a routine based on conditioning oils and good habits that will leave your hair silky and hydrated. If you start now your older self will... Continue Reading →

Yoga+Trabajo=Vida Saludable

Necesitamos centrarnos más en nuestro equilibrio de mente y cuerpo y puedo asegurarles que al hacer estos simples estiramientos y técnicas de respiración sus vidas cambiarán. La idea de hacer ejercicios de este estilo tiene que ver con combinar las responsabilidades del trabajo pero a la vez permitiendo a tu cuerpo estar saludablE. Esta comprobado... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Perfume

(Image: Austro-Hungarian ruby glass and engraved silver set with jewels and with a figural stopper circa 1880) "Where should one use perfume?"-a young woman asked. "Wherever one wants to be kissed."- COCO CHANEL A PERFUME NO DOUBT MAKES a complement of our lifestyle and personality. Sense of smell is the only one of the five senses that... Continue Reading →

Belleza: El Perfume

(Imágen: Botella antigua de perfume, Carl Weihupt, Munich 1896) hay en el perfume una fuerza de PERSUASIÓN mas fuerte que las palabras, el destello de las miradas, los sentimiento y la voluntad. La fuerza de PERSUASIÓN del perfume no se puede contrarrestar, nos invade como el aire invade nuestros pulmones, nos lleva, nos satura, no existe... Continue Reading →

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