The world of art has forever sorrounded societies in history, but so has technology. The combination of these two has brought a whole new way of creating what we know as Digital Art. And this new Sensu Brush is the ultimate tools for digital artists, they made it posible to deliver an authentic painting experience on your tablet or smartphone.

How is this posible? Well, these genious engineers and artists developed many artist brushes during the years. Combined with advise from some of the best brush makers in the world, which are craftsmen who understand the subtle properties of hair taper, flexibility, and strength, they applied this knowledge to the creation of these unique tools.
For an artist the fact of creating is fulfilling and inspirational, they see beauty in diferent perspectives in life. While this hasn’t changed since Miguel Angelo or Leonardo Da vinci, technology has progressed and the challenge for many artists has been to integrate new methods in their art.
This unique pending design uses advanced hair technology that creates a spring and responsiveness that feels like real painting. the traditional shape of Solo’s handle is milled of solid aircraft-grade aluminum, lending just the right weight and balance.  It’s solid and just long enough to use like a pen.
After testing various metal and metallic fibers, traditional synthetic brush hair has been infused with conductive properties to help fine powder release from make-up brushes as they came in contact with skin. This synthetic hair became the perfect material for these delicate brushes.
ArtRage is an app that gives an incredible degree of control over the action of the tools and the Sensu brush takes advantage of the all of them, providing a rich and gratifying experience and an unprecedented degree of artistic control, it is an oil paint app. The watercolor look can be created with another app called Auryn Ink, you can also download Sketchbook Pro and Brushes.
You won’t regret it, while you sketch around your house carrying a tablet or sitting at your living room. Enjoy the beautiful combination of art and technology, include it in your daily life.

‘Victoria’ Renewed For Season 2 By ITV & PBS’ Masterpiece — Deadline

Victoria, the his ITV series starring Jenna Coleman as the young queen, has been renewed for a second season. The move comes ahead of the show’s U.S. premiere January 15 on Masterpiece on PBS. The series has averaging 7.7 million viewers in the UK since its August bow on ITV, making it the network’s top…

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Petit Voyage Aniversario

Hace un año atrás decidí que ser blogger era mi nuevo hobbie. Nunca lo había pensado, pero la periodista en mi que le encanta escribir en el tercer año de la carrera tuvo una materia llamada “Arte y Entretenimiento” y fue amor a primera clase. DECIDÍ un DÍA simplemente escribir y  SEGÚN mi profesora no era mala solo necesitaba practica y encontrar mi voz, Si no era suficiente mi amor por el arte, la cultura, la música, fashion e historia supe que podía hacer una carrera a base de eso
En fin, un hobbie se convirtió en algo más, en una mirada a lo que puede ser algo muy grande en el futuro, me llevó a querer ampliar mis conocimientos en Producción Audiovisual, en crear con mis socias y hermanas una productora y en pensar que Petit Voyage podía acompañarme toda mi vida a nivel laboral. 
Mi consejo es, no tengan miedo de empezar cosas nuevas, porque al principio todo da nervios, pero pueden ser de las mejores decisiones que hagan en sus vidas. 

2016 starts with a NEW GENERATION OF BARBIES


Guys I have to be honest i love the fact that when i have some cute girls running around my house they will be playing with a doll that doesn’t tell them how they have to be tall, skinny or blonde, which if they look like their mom or aunts, obveaously won’t be. We have to stop letting the fashion or toy industry, in this case, telling us what is right or what ir wrong. it doesn’t matter if you’re short,tall, blonde, reddead or brunette the important thing is that you are smart, kind and generous in life.


The best-selling doll ever now has three new bodies: tall, petite and curvy versions will now be sold alongside the original model. Faced with changes in beauty ideals, shifting demographics and ongoing criticism of Barbie’s impossible proportions, Mattel decided to remake the iconic blonde. The new body shapes follow the addition of new skin tones and hair textures.
The changes give Barbie a range of diverse looks that better reflect 21st century America. The endeavor was so secret, the company’s executives code named it “Project Dawn” (as in dawn of a new day), so that even their families wouldn’t know that Barbie was getting the most dramatic body transformation in her 57 year history. 

Tips para una manicura perfecta


Cuando vivimos en una vida ocupada tenemos que tomar algún tiempo para mimarnos y cuando encontramos esos trucos impresionantes que hacen todo más fácil, es incluso mejor. Hoy COMPARTIRÉ con ustedes algunas consejos claves que he recogido de amigas, mis hermanas, mi mamá y de  Gurus de moda famosas.

Si no tienes productos de secado rápido, sumerge las uñas pintadas en un recipiente con agua helada para ayudar a que se sequen más rápido. Realmente funciona.

Frote aceite de oliva alrededor de las uñas antes de embarcarse en un diseño de uñas-arte. Hace que eliminar el exceso de esmalte sea más fácil después.

A diferencia de la pintura regular, el tipo con brillantina se supone que no tendría porque verse uniforme, por lo que es ideal para situaciones de arreglos. Cuando use te caigo pintura de uñas, en lugar de eliminar todo el esmalte y empezar de nuevo, haz una capa del color y luego el brillo por encima de su color actual. Y cuando llegue otro chip, simplemente pintar sobre un poco más.

Si estas haciendo una sopa o pasta hirviendo, ponte dos rápidamente algún esmalte de uñas. Mientras que todavía están húmedas, manten las uñas durante tres segundos sobre el vapor procedente de la comida a fuego lento, manteniéndolas cerca de 5 pulgadas por encima del agua. Luego veras la magia  suceder: Las uñas pintadas brillantes se convierten en matte sexy.

Manicure Beauty Tips every woman should know


when we live in such busy lives we have to take some time to pamper ourselves and when we find those awesome tricks that make it easier, its even better. Today Ill share with you some nails tips Ive picked up from friends, my sisters, my mom and fashion gurus online.

If you have no quick-dry products lying around, dip your painted nails in a bowl of ice-cold water to help them dry faster. It really works

Rub olive oil around your nails before you embark on a nail-art design. It makes removing excess polish way easier later.

Unlike regular lacquer, the glittery kind is supposed to look sort of uneven, so it’s great for fix-it situations. When a nail chips, instead of removing all your polish and starting over, slap on a coat of sparkle over your current color. And when you get another chip, just paint on a little more.

If I’m making soup or boiling pasta, put on two quick coats of nail polish. While they’re still wet, hold your nails for three seconds over the steam coming from the simmering food, keeping them about 5 inches above the water. Then  watch the magic happen: The glossy painted nails turn matte-sexy.

I love sparkly polish, but it sticks to your nails like crazy. To remove it, I use felt instead of a cotton ball—it works like a gentle Brillo pad.