Barbados, vida en la isla

Cuando la gente dice que vida en una isla es la mejor, bueno es verdad. EL OLOR DEL MAR, EL clima PERFECTO, las aguas y las playas Cristalinas y la ARENA de rosa y blanco . Es algo increíble ... Barbados es un país isla en el mar Caribe. La isla tiene una superficie de unos... Continue Reading →


Travel: Barbados, Island life.

  When I was 5 years old I had the opportunity of having the best childhood ever. My family was transferred to BARBADOS and we lived there till I was 10. When people say Island life is the best, well it's true. The smell of the ocean, the perfect weather, the crystal waters and the pink... Continue Reading →

Drinks: Venezuelan Cocada.

It's sweet but also refreshing, perfect for a hot summer day on a nice beach. This one I actually drank while spending my summer holidays with my girls in Margarita Island. If you are feeling especially ambitious, you can use fresh coconuts and blend the coconut meat and the coconut milk together. INGREDIENTS 1 14-ounce package frozen fresh... Continue Reading →

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