Aeppol, Illustrator


Hey guys, this is an illustrator from South Korea called Aeppol. he is currently illustrating a series called ‘Forest Girl’s Diary’ depicting the everyday life of a young girl with her animal friends in the forest full of imagination like a fairy tale book.

“I hope that this story of a girl with her childhood innocence intact, living freely in the forest, will act as a soothing fairy tale to those who are exhausted from city life.”

He invites us to meet the Forest Girl and her animal friends now on Grafolio.

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Artist & illustrator: Norman Duenas


I Found this awesome artist, illustrator & designer on a really cool art website and I had the necessity to share. he is currently based in Los Angeles, USa. here are some websites and social medias about him. Go and check him out!


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Art: Jorge Marme, artist & illustrator

Elephant Dreams...


Jorge Marme is an artist who lives in Tijuana, Mexico. He holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the School of Visual Arts, located in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico. Most of his work is created in digital media.

Visit his page

Facebook: Jorge Marme Art

jorge marme



“Feet on the ground, head in the sky”

This piece was inspired by a fragment of the lyrics from “This must be the place” by Talking Heads, my favorite song ever!





Innner Waves (Marea Interna)

marea interna                              monster kiss  Monster Kiss  “The Forgotten”
uploading this image is a bittersweet experience, I made this painting back in february for a contest over here in Mexico.

 Destello Submarino (Submarine Glow

destello submarino