Belleza: Divertidos sustitutos de Productos

A todas nos ha pasado... son las once de la noche, acabas de llegar a tu destino y te das cuenta que aunque tus maletas TRAÍAN sobrepeso, dejaste ATRÁS algo esencial. Se ingeniosa y SUSTITÚYELO por algo que encuentres en la cocina o por algún producto que si tengas a la mano. Dejo su base... Continue Reading →

Health/Beauty: Basic Tips #7 HONEY

Benefits: Technically, honey is not organic but is such a common ingredient in natural products that I had to include it. Honey helps the skin retain moisture, which is why it is so effective for dry skin ingredient. It is also an anti-inflammatory and soothes irritated skin. What do we know about it?   The inhabitants... Continue Reading →

Basic Tips #6: DIY Beauty.

Chocolate-Oatmeal Face Mask Cocoa is beneficial to winter's dry skin, thanks to its hydrating properties. Ingredients: 1/3 cup cocoa, 1/4 cup honey, 2 tablespoons heavy cream, 3 tablespoons oatmeal powder Directions: Mix all ingredients well and apply to face, massaging into the skin. Leave on for 15-20 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water. Apple Cider Vinegar... Continue Reading →

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