Fashion History, 15th century jewellery

hey guys, this is part of the FASHION HISTORY SERIES I'm writing, I also focused this post on 15h century England. and what goes perfectly with a beautiful dress...yes, you guessed it... Jewelry. AMAZING STONES, PEARLS, diamonds, EMERALDS, SAPPHIRES, GOLD, BRONZE, ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE, THEY USED IT IN THIS ERA. perfectly made into necklaces,... Continue Reading →



Hola chicos, este es un ilustrador de COREA DEL SUR LLAMADO AEPPOL. En la actualidad el ilustra una serie llamada 'El Diario del bosquE" que representa la vida cotidiana de una niña con sus amigos animales en el pleno del BOSQUE DE LA IMAGINACIÓN como un cuento de HADAS. GRAFOLIO.COM/BBALGAN00    

Aeppol, Illustrator

Hey guys, this is an illustrator from South Korea called Aeppol. he is currently illustrating a series called 'Forest Girl's Diary' depicting the everyday life of a young girl with her animal friends in the forest full of imagination like a fairy tale book. "I hope that this story of a girl with her childhood innocence... Continue Reading →

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