Hey guys, here are some tips so you can keep snacking and still loose weight. tHESE ARE tips for eating sinsibly with minimal sacrifice.

Use a plate…

don’t eat snack straight from the bag. if you put your snack on a plate it’s proven that you’ll probably eat fewer of them.


According to dietitians not having enough iron in your system slows down your metabolism. You can also get your fix by eating servings of food rich in iron such as lean red meat, spinach, chicken and fortified cereals.


try yogourt, almonds, fruits, carrot and other vegetable sticks. Whenever you want a chocolaty snack make yourself do 10 sit-ups or push-ups just for fun after eating eating.

Chop big chunkS…

CHOP YOUR FOOD INTO LARGE PIECES INSTEAD OF SLICING IT FINELY. It takes more effort to eat big pieces, which will slow you down.

Fish for health…

According to experts, if you eat fish you can drop weight quickly, lower yous cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Try it on a grill or baked with olive oil and your favourite spices.

Avoid alcohol…

alcohol slows down your metabolism by depressing the central nervous system. so instead of drinking wine try water or juices without sugar. Leave the wine for spetial ocassions.

Start Early…

Research suggests that having an early healthy big breakfast makes your metabolism go faster and burns more calories during the day. It keeps your energy high till lunch.


 By joining forces with freidns or family you’ll get emotional support and may be more likely to meet your goals with help from others.

Turn on the lights…

Brilliant light makes you aware of your sorroundings and yourself, so you’re less likely to overheat. Dim lighting, on the other hand, contributes to eating more than usual. 

Go Bananas…

They are full of potassium, which boosts your metabolism by regulating your body’s water balance. 

Calm down…

long-term stress can make you fat. according to studies, when you’re stressed out chronically your body is floded with stress hormones, which stimulate fat cells in the abdomen to increase in size and encourage fat storage. to avoid stressing out make a list of the things tht realx your and allow yourself time every day to enjoy one of these activities.


Agua Saborizada con limon y pepino


Hola chicos, aca les dejo un agua saborizada que hice para llevar en un termo a la playa. Son una buena alternativa para refrescos/gaseosas y son tan ricas como jugos. La que hice fue de pepino y limon.

No tiene mucha ciencia basicamente es cortar rodajas de cualquier frutas que 3 y dejarlas una noche en la nevera enfriando, esta vez fue pepino y limon.

Health #13: Fruits that help your body


Eating healthy is essential. It{s yummy to eat something full of calories, but if you’re looking to lose weight. I recommend eating a fruit, they are sweet and full of vitamins and will help give your body many other things you need. Here are some fruits I recommend: 

GRAPEFRUIT: According to research by the Scripps Clinic in California, this fruit has substances that improve metabolism and prevent your body from storing fat thnks to it’s diuretic power.

TOMATO: Rich in vitamin C and phytochemical lycopene, which favor the production of the amino acid carnitine, known for speeding up metabolism and burning up a third of the  body’s fat.

APPLE: Among its elements pectin, a component capable of melting fat. It is also diuretic, and this ursolic acid on the skin, helps to avoid weight gain.

Kiwi: Those who consume adequate amounts of vitamin C, this fruit presents nutrients in amounts, can oxidize 30% more fat while exercising, because this stimulates the function of carnitine.

Salud: Aguas Saborizadas




He estado leyendo sobre aguas saborizadas con frutas y cómo puede darte un impulso extra durante todo el día, limpian tu cuerpo y saben divino.

Es bastante fácil de hacer. Sólo pica la fruta en la siguiente guía y añádelas a  una botella de agua. Usted puede agregar la cantidad de fruta que desea para darle sabor fuerte o un sabor delicado.


Agua + Fresas + kiwi + pepino = digestión


Agua + Pepino + limón + menta = refrescante


Agua + Naranja + limón + lima = Sistema inmune


Agua + Frambuesas + limón + menta = refrescante

Health: Fruit infused water


I’ve been reading about fruit infused waters and how they can give you an extra ‘boost’ throughout the day, cleanse your body and taste better than juice.

It’s pretty easy to make your own fruit water! Just slice up the fruit in the guide below and add them to a bottle of water. You can add as little or as much fruit that you’d like; which will either give you a light or strong flavour.


Water + Strawberries + kiwi + cucumber = Helps with Digestion


Water + Cucumber + lemon + mint = Is a great refresher 


Water + Orange + lemon + lime =Is a great immune system boost 


Water + Raspberries + lemon + mint =Is a great refresher