What to pack for a perfect picnic at the beach

Whether you are going to a beach close by, taking the weekend for a getaway or traveling to a paradisiacal island or country, you should get ready with a list of basics that you are never going to leave behind again. First of all, take a small trip to the supermarket and stack up on... Continue Reading →



Hey guys, here are some tips so you can keep snacking and still loose weight. tHESE ARE tips for eating sinsibly with minimal sacrifice. Use a plate... don't eat snack straight from the bag. if you put your snack on a plate it's proven that you'll probably eat fewer of them. POP SOME IRON... According to... Continue Reading →

Health: Fruits that help your body

Eating healthy is essential. It{s yummy to eat something full of calories, but if you're looking to lose weight. I recommend eating a fruit, they are sweet and full of vitamins and will help give your body many other things you need. Here are some fruits I recommend:  GRAPEFRUIT: According to research by the Scripps... Continue Reading →

Salud: Aguas Saborizadas

    He estado leyendo sobre aguas saborizadas con frutas y cómo puede darte un impulso extra durante todo el día, limpian tu cuerpo y saben divino. Es bastante fácil de hacer. Sólo pica la fruta en la siguiente guía y añádelas a  una botella de agua. Usted puede agregar la cantidad de fruta que... Continue Reading →

Health: Fruit infused water

I've been reading about fruit infused waters and how they can give you an extra 'boost' throughout the day, cleanse your body and taste better than juice. It's pretty easy to make your own fruit water! Just slice up the fruit in the guide below and add them to a bottle of water. You can... Continue Reading →

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