Review on my 3 Favorite Series

I WANTED TO DO A REVIEW ON THE BEST 3 SERIES IN ENGLISH I HAVE WATCHED COMPLETELY OR AT LEAST MANY SEASONS SO FAR. Series have developed into a mixture between the beauty of the visual arts of film and the time frame of televsion, which for me is a new adiction. 1. GAME OF... Continue Reading →



This is by far one of my favorite movies of this year..The colors, the smell (you can actually smell the cooking), the beautiful landscapes of France and the rich Indian culture. It has my 10 points approval!  Screenplay: Steven Knight directed by Lasse Hallstrom, a script written by Steven Knight, adapted from the novel by... Continue Reading →


FRESH, funny & with an amazing actoral direction! I laughed all through it, that is the best description for this FRANCO-BELGIAN Film from 2010. It is set in 1977 in Sainte-GUDULE. The tyrannical HUSBAND AND company owner lives his LIFE WITH AN EXACT ORDER IN EVERY ASPECT. HIS WIFE, which HE underestimates and treats as... Continue Reading →

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