What to pack for a perfect picnic at the beach

Whether you are going to a beach close by, taking the weekend for a getaway or traveling to a paradisiacal island or country, you should get ready with a list of basics that you are never going to leave behind again. First of all, take a small trip to the supermarket and stack up on... Continue Reading →


Chewy Oatmeal Fudge Brownies

What if I told you that to make the best Oatmeal fudge brownies of your lifetime you just need one bowl and 5 minutes to bring it all together. The best part is their super low calories. With this recipe and some few tips these cocoa brownies will be a fudgylicious sensational hit in your... Continue Reading →

Mermelada de Ají Dulce

Hoy les voy  a enseñar como preparar mi famosa Mermelada de Ají Dulce. Es divina para comer con todo lo que se les ocurra desde pollo, pan, casabe y hasta sobre un queso Brie enpanizado al horno. Todos en mi casa aman esta receta y no dura ni una semana en la nevera. Aquí les... Continue Reading →


This is by far one of my favorite movies of this year..The colors, the smell (you can actually smell the cooking), the beautiful landscapes of France and the rich Indian culture. It has my 10 points approval!  Screenplay: Steven Knight directed by Lasse Hallstrom, a script written by Steven Knight, adapted from the novel by... Continue Reading →

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