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The Evolution of makeup


When I first heard about this my reaction was: ” THIS IS AMAZING!, WE ARE BECOMING THE JETSONS! I WANT TO BE HER BEST FRIEND!”. This young woman is going to change an entire makeup industry because she was bold enough to go forward with her idea. She is the Harvard graduate student and makeup enthusiast that will bring the future for women, An at home 3D makeup printer.

Buisness graduate Grace Choi has discovered a way in which a 3D printing device could generate makeup. According to Choi, the machine, called Mink, is a mini at-home printer, which hooks up to your computer. It can take any image from a phone, laptop or camera and make it into a wearable cosmetic.

 “Mink enables the web to become the biggest beauty store in the world. We’re going to live in a world where you can take a picture of your friend’s lipstick and print it out.” 

Her goal is to change how we see the world of makeup through technology and this will train our girls to understand that : “The definition of beauty is something that they should be able to control, not the corporations.”

Print Your Own Makeup With Mink | Disrupt NY 2014

FASHION: Look of the Day #2


Today my color was fuchsia! Combine it and don’t be afraid to use it. Anything if you’re not used to the tone try to turn it down with neutral colors. But my advice is experiment and create maybe without knowing it you make a new trend .

Today I chose shades between pink and red.

I wanted my bag to be the essential piece of the look. It is a medium-sized stylish envelope style bag.

My Jean skirt reaches to the knee and has a high cut almost below the bust area. This type of garment stretches the persons body and gives the impression of someone taller.

The shirt matches the colors of the bag and the stripes add texture and uniformity to the look.

The necklace accessory is something of preference. You can also combine simple but elegant earrings to lower the pitch, maybe some pearls.

Fashion: LOOK OF THE DAY #1

look del dia #1


For this hot and sunny Sunday I chose a very airy look. Pastel colors don’t attract heat, which can happen with dark colors.

The flowers on the Top Crop give a springtime touch.

Tulle skirts are a new trend in Latin America, but we must combine them properly to avoid looking like a girl on her way to ballet classes. haha! (especially if you’re short like me)

 I chose the purse in a small size, which is more comfortable for the day. The contrast of the black and the chains give a stronger style to the look.

DIY #2: Colorful Desk Lamp

diy #2

This desk lamp is so colorful and beautiful! You can always brighten up your room with a statement piece like this one. It could be monochromatic or as colorful as you want, just let your imagination fly!

Actualy, I wasn’t the one who made it,  this work of art is from my best friend Valeria, jewelry designer. You can check out her Instaram @ajiacodesign 


Chicken wirediy.2

Lamp shade you want to modify

Zip Ties in the color you prefare


diy 2Instructions

Cut the fabric on the lamp shade to expose the metalic base. Measure the chicken wire to cover it and cut. Using the Zip Ties attach the ends of the chicken wire to eachother and to the base of the lamp shade. Remember to color coordinate depending on your design. Keep tying the Zip Ties until it is all covered. And your work is done!

Fashion: Moi Meme by Tahnee Lucienne

moimeme 0

 I had the opportunity to interviewing the Venezuelan model and designer Tahnee Lucienne creator and owner of the clothing and handbags brand Moi Meme , which is making it’s way swiftly on social media with fashion trends filled with colorful fabrics and beautiful prints.

What do you think about the rapid growth of independent design in Venezuela?

It’s been an incredible year for entrepreneurs with goals and having your own business. I see this as something positive and as a designer you have to take advantage. I feel like this was based on instincts that were shot on entrepreneurs and the result is great, now in the Venezuelan market has generated competition and very good quality products and services.

How many designers make Moi Meme and as they started the company?

We are two in this team, my sister and me. We always had the idea of creating a brand and we knew it would be a fashion business. We started with bandanas, thought it was an easy product to handle, it was like an experiment that proved positive and sold in quantity. Then we wanted to differentiate ourselves in the market and started slowly bringing new things and apparel.

What materials are used and how the work is divided?

We use 100% Venezuelan materials, among them are several types of fabrics and accessories and for accessories we use chains, pendants and other materials.

We both handle all aspects of work of the brand, but with the matter of time availability (my sister is still studying), she is responsible for advertising, photography and everything in that field. I often go to the shops, I handle the part of business relations. We try to go together to buy and choose fabrics and design pieces.

moi meme 2

How long does a piece take to make, depends on the material or size?

It depends on the piece and its complications. We have simpler designs that can take just three days, others and take longer because the pattern is more complicated. The material also influences some fabrics are very difficult to work. On average we can manufacture within a few days several pieces, a dozen at least.

I imagine that gradually were taking their regular customers in the country. Where in Caracas can we find your pieces?

Of course, that is very slowly, you must work trade relations but that aspect has been a great result. We met some very good hardworking people and gradually we became a team.

We are in Caracas in Showcase (CC Plaza las Americas), Friends y el Desvan (CC Sta Fe), Krearte (CCExpress) Chennai (Chuao), Aquarela (Santa Edivigis) stores.

We are also in shops inside the country.

moimeme 3

Have you thought about customers abroad?

Yes, in fact the last few weeks and have been entering in Miami, author stores to offer our designs. We also have projects in Europe, it’s always cool to think of exporting high quality and good Venezuelan work.

How do you advertise your company? Do you use social media for the purchase and sale?

We handle advertising mostly through Instagram as it is comfortable and has an incredible reach and people love it. Facebook also helps us a lot, uou can contact us directly by phone to buy once you see on social networks something that you like.

What do you think is the second step in the growth of Moi Meme?

We are already established and recognized in our country, so the next step is to be recognized internationaly, we are working hard on that.

Along with this growth we want our designs to grow and become better every time, always developing our distinctive touch Moi Meme.


FACEBOOK: Moi Meme by Tahnee Lucienne


INSTAGRAM: moimemecaracas