My Beach Bag Essentials

Hey Guys! Summer season is almost over in some countries, but where I'm from summer is almost all year long, depending on the city you live in. So, we try to plan small beach trips anytime we get a chance off work. Some weeks ago I had the opportunity to take some days off and... Continue Reading →


What to pack for a perfect picnic at the beach

Whether you are going to a beach close by, taking the weekend for a getaway or traveling to a paradisiacal island or country, you should get ready with a list of basics that you are never going to leave behind again. First of all, take a small trip to the supermarket and stack up on... Continue Reading →

Bebida Playera: Cocada Venezolana

Es dulce, refrescante y perfecto para un día caluroso de verano. Esta foto la saque en una playa de Margarita veraneando con mis amigas y hermanas. Si te sientes ambiciosa, puedes utilizar cocos frescos y mezclar la carne de coco y leche de coco. INGREDIENTES • 14 onzas de coco congelado, rallado y fresco •... Continue Reading →

Drinks: Venezuelan Cocada.

It's sweet but also refreshing, perfect for a hot summer day on a nice beach. This one I actually drank while spending my summer holidays with my girls in Margarita Island. If you are feeling especially ambitious, you can use fresh coconuts and blend the coconut meat and the coconut milk together. INGREDIENTS 1 14-ounce package frozen fresh... Continue Reading →

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