Male Hair Trends 2016

For several years we have accepted and included them openly and without prejudice, in our world of beauty and health. The modern man is no longer a caveman and you know that we love how handsome and sexy they look, each in their own style. Here you can find various styles of male hair cuts... Continue Reading →


Basic Tips #11 Beauty: Gym Kit

My advice is to look for a small or medium bag with handle if possible, and fill it with miniatures of your own products. Here I made a small list of what you need:  WIPES: Use them to remove make-up before exercise. Search for the ones without alcohol and without the antibacterial ingredient triclosan, which... Continue Reading →

Fashion: Moi Meme by Tahnee Lucienne

 I had the opportunity to interviewing the Venezuelan model and designer Tahnee Lucienne creator and owner of the clothing and handbags brand Moi Meme , which is making it's way swiftly on social media with fashion trends filled with colorful fabrics and beautiful prints. What do you think about the rapid growth of independent design in... Continue Reading →

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