Art & illustration: Sylwia Dębicka

Sylwia Dębicka (born in 1986) is a young artist from Poland. In 2013 she has earned a master of arts degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She has worked on various national and international art projects. Her two greatest passions are art and fashion and she combines them in illustration.  e-mail: Continue Reading →


Artista e ilustrador: Norman Duenas

  Hace poco encontré a este artista, ilustrador y diseñador en una página web sobre arte y me encantó y tenía que compartirlo. El artista vive en Los ángeles, Estados Unidos y aquí les dejo sus paginas y redes sociales. WEBSITE: HTTP://NORMANDUENAS.COM/ INSTAGRAM: HTTP://INSTAGRAM.COM/NORMANDUENAS FACEBOOK: HTTPS://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/NORMANDUENAS.ART THREADLESS: HTTP://WWW.THREADLESS.COM/PROFILE/1001082/FHIGI25 DESIGNBYHUMANS: HTTP://WWW.DESIGNBYHUMANS.COM/PROFILE/KASE/ TUMBLR: HTTP://NORMANDUENAS.TUMBLR.COM/ TWITTER: HTTP://TWITTER.COM/NORMANDUENAS FLICKR:... Continue Reading →

Art: Hyperrealism

It's called HYPERREALISM, at first glance you could think there are photographs in front of you. Today we're going to give some authors and show you their works. You'll think I'm cheating. Hugo Laurencena Laurencena tries to play with the reflections, and you get a perfect picture, these cans. The painter, born in Buenos Aires,... Continue Reading →

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