Review: Best Health & Fitness Apps

Need some extra help with your fitness, health, or weight loss goals? We love health and fitness apps for tracking your steps, heart rate, and for giving you workout ideas and fitness motivation. Gear up your phone with some of the best fitness apps to help keep you on track: My Fitness Pal, Weight Watchers, FitNow Lose It!, Nike Training Club... Continue Reading →

Tips for Perfectly Healthy Hair

For your hair to look perfectly healthy and beautiful it is necessary to stop using heat tools unless you really need them. Save them for special occasions and instead create a routine based on conditioning oils and good habits that will leave your hair silky and hydrated. If you start now your older self will... Continue Reading →


ALL THESE sugar scrubs can be prepared easily at home. white or brown SUGAR is an excellent exfoliating agent that removes dead skin and moisturizes SKIN CELLS. THESE ARE THE MOST RECOMMENDED AMONG MANY MORE, TEST THESE EXTRAORDINARY SCRUBS to get a wonderful skin.   COCO SCRUB, SUGAR, AND CUCUMBER  MIX half CUP of SUGAR COARSE AND... Continue Reading →

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