Fashion  magazines and stores tell us that money is a very important thing when it come to staying in fashion trends. This is actually not true, everytime you see something new you would want to buy it and that´s how the Fashion Industry works. It constantly feeds from that need of being in ¨style¨. But... Continue Reading →


Top 5 Textiles of the Future

Many designers are now integrating hi-tech fabrics, such as protective and impact-resistant textiles, or cellulose fabrics, with ground breaking results. Embracing new processes such as biomimicry, they bridge the gap between art, design, technology, and sustainability more than any other material. Over the last decade the textile industry has achieved a successful transformation toward developers,... Continue Reading →

Fashion History, 15th century jewellery

hey guys, this is part of the FASHION HISTORY SERIES i'm writing, I also focused this post on 15h century England. and what goes perfect with a beautiful dress...yes, you guessed it... JEWELLERY. AMAZING STONES, PEARLS, diamonds, EMERALDS, SAPHIRES, GOLD, BRONZE, ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE, THEY USED IT IN THIS ERA. perfectly made into necklaces,... Continue Reading →

Fashion History (part I), 15th Century.

hey guys, i'm doing this series mainly as something academic, just for the pleasure of investigating about fashion history. this is awesome information if you're into photography, movies or series. You may recognize these dresses from various productions of: "the Tudors" or "Anne Boleyn", due to the fact that Henry VIII was King of England during (1491–1547), 15th-16th century. During the... Continue Reading →

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