Shoes every Bossgirl needs

Every working girl must be prepared for challenges that may come to her career, and she must also adapt her closet to face a demanding daily life. Your style of dressing must demonstrate safety, integrity, sense of style must be versatile, appropriate and, of course, comfortable. Some people say that you should Get dressed for... Continue Reading →

GUCCI 2018: “A Hybrid Emancipation of Society”

GUCCI, Contemporary Art, meets whimsical dragons, head purses, and cyborg looks, a true experimental lab of Fashion Design. This wasn't a runway for the conservative fashionista or faint-hearted, CREATIVITY is EVERYTHING and ANYTHING for GUCCI 2018. The runway was filled with crystals and beaded headpieces, embellished hardware inspired by a vintage jewelry design, asymmetric dresses and men’s... Continue Reading →

Trends through time: The Power of Tassels

Tassel accessory styles are now in the limelight. These fringe like pieces are the perfect stand-alone statement or alternatively compliment a delicate piece. The tassel has almost always been a symbol of power and prestige. The word for "tassel" originated from "tassau", which, translated from Latin, refers to a clasp at the neck of a garment. In the beginning, tassels... Continue Reading →

Vintage Inspired Modern Trends

In general, trends repeat themselves after some years, the only difference in these fashion tendencies is their modernization. The techniques of the production in the textile industry have been upgraded in the past years and the quality of the materials used have also improved. Various types of trends can be compared with their past fashion... Continue Reading →

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