DIY Distressed Jeans Look

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I literally made these distressed jeans in about 2 hours. It is suuuper easy and you won’t need to buy them at a store. This was my way of upgrading some old jeans i had at the bottom of my closet. when you wash them afterwards they get this “torn” look way messier than before, thats the idea of it. i totally recomend it! 

You will need:

jeans of your choice
White Chalk 



  1. Mark your lines with chalk and, they have to be parrallel lines. Cut the parrallel lines.
  2. Use tweezers to loosen some of the white threads on top and bottom of each cut. I used needle nose tweezers for this step because they make it easier to dig out the threads. Loosening the white threads prepares you for the next step and also creates a frayed edge.
  3. The number of threads you loosen depends on how long you want your frayed edge to be. I made mine about half a centimeter long.
  4. Use the tweezers to pull out all of the blue threads in between the two cuts

DIY Special: Happy Father’s Day

fathers day


Petit voyage wishes all the fathers in the world an amazing fathers day! you are all teachers, bodyguards, friends, advisers, chofers and heroes to your daughters & sons. Thank you for choosing to be there for all of us every moment of our lives. 

Here are some ideas for cute DIY gifts!

Camara Card:



IDAD Card:



5c579f6f9846bfde5c7d2d4452b2e40b   Top Hat Card

T-Shirt Card:


Decorate a mug with Shapie:


A card for that Star Wars fan dad:



DIY: Recycled Gardening

PicMonkey Collagennn

Ok, I don’t know about you but these gardens are blowing my mind! The trick is to always trust your originality. Nothing is “Crazy”, yes you can put a car or a bed filled with flowers in your backyard.  Who says you can’t? Try it!




















DIY #2: Colorful Desk Lamp

diy #2

This desk lamp is so colorful and beautiful! You can always brighten up your room with a statement piece like this one. It could be monochromatic or as colorful as you want, just let your imagination fly!

Actualy, I wasn’t the one who made it,  this work of art is from my best friend Valeria, jewelry designer. You can check out her Instaram @ajiacodesign 


Chicken wirediy.2

Lamp shade you want to modify

Zip Ties in the color you prefare


diy 2Instructions

Cut the fabric on the lamp shade to expose the metalic base. Measure the chicken wire to cover it and cut. Using the Zip Ties attach the ends of the chicken wire to eachother and to the base of the lamp shade. Remember to color coordinate depending on your design. Keep tying the Zip Ties until it is all covered. And your work is done!

DIY #1: Organizational Boxes

box 2

These are the best boxes for fixing stuff you have lying around your room. They look nice and you can decorate them with the design that most suits your personality. 



Shoe boxes or any box of your


1 thick brush

1 small brush

Scotch Packaging Tape – 50 x 66M

White paint

Gold paint

Black paint

pencil, scissors and ruler


box 1


Measure the cardboard and cut a piece and scotch tape it where you want the division to go inside the box. Measure the box and the distance you want each black stripe to go over the white and with the scotch tape place it exactly where they would go. Once the entire box is marked with the scotch tape you have to paint it using the thick brush with the white paint and wait for it to dry.

box 3

After the paint has dried take the scotch tape off and with the small brush paint the stripes black. Once everything has dried, measure where you want the gold stripes to go trace it with a pencil and a ruler and begin to paint with the gold paint. Let the box dry overnight. Next morning open the box and paint it white inside with two coats.

Let it dry and you’re done!