Chewy Oatmeal Fudge Brownies

What if I told you that to make the best Oatmeal fudge brownies of your lifetime you just need one bowl and 5 minutes to bring it all together. The best part is they’re super low calories. With this recipe and some few tips these cocoa brownies will be a fudgylicious sensational hit in your... Continue Reading →


Sweet pepper Chutney

Today I'll show you how to PREPARE MY FAMOUS Aji Dulce/Sweet pepper Chutney . It's so Delicious and you can eat it WITh almost anyTHING FROM CHICKEN to bread, CASAva or on top of a BAKED BRIE cheese. Eveyone IN MY HOUSE LOVE THIS RECIPE AND it doesn'T LAST A WEEK IN THE FRIDGE. Here is the... Continue Reading →


HELLO GUYS, HERE I LEAVE THE BASIC RECIPE for a MANGO & PASSION FRUIT SMOOTHIE  YOU WILL NEED: FRUIT PULP with no additives or added sugar, PURCHASED IN PACKAGEs AND FROZEN. AT LEAST 4 glasses 4 glasses of cold water 4 MEDIUM TBSP sweetener fruit pulp from 2 mangos and 4 passion fruits The idea is... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, well Im posting here my first attempt to make a video of something i made. please Take into consideration that im learning how to be a youtube blogger and actually it is not that easy. LOL! Here is my amazing almond butter recipe i hope you enjoy it!   Ingredients 2 Cups of... Continue Reading →


  tHIS IS OFFICIALLY THE BEST CARROT CAKE EVER!  EVEN ROGER RABBIT WOULD AGREE WITH ME. HAHAHA! "Let´s go home Roger, I´ll bake you a carrot cake"- Jessica rabbit INGREDIENTS 450ML / 1 ½ CUP AND VEGETABLE OIL 400GR FLOUR (white OR WHOLEWHEAT) 2 teaspoons baking powder 550 gRAMS sugar 5 eggs ½ teaspoon salt... Continue Reading →

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