Shoes every Bossgirl needs

Every working girl must be prepared for challenges that may come to her career, and she must also adapt her closet to face a demanding daily life. Your style of dressing must demonstrate safety, integrity, sense of style must be versatile, appropriate and, of course, comfortable. Some people say that you should Get dressed for... Continue Reading →


My Beach Bag Essentials

Hey Guys! Summer season is almost over in some countries, but where I'm from summer is almost all year long, depending on the city you live in. So, we try to plan small beach trips anytime we get a chance off work. Some weeks ago I had the opportunity to take some days off and... Continue Reading →

Apps for Staying Organized

In our everyday lives it's not easy staying on top of all the to-do lists, errands, and files, but luckily, there are apps for all of those things. If you're looking to stay organized or get a grip on your busy life, you've come to the right place. For anything from prioritizing projects and scheduling... Continue Reading →

DIY Mascarillas Hidratación Intensiva

Dile adiós a los poros abiertos con estas mascarillas caseras superfáciles de hacer, eliminan ojeras y mejoran el aspecto de tu piel. Las mascarillas brindan hidratación intensiva, ayudan a que tu piel se deshaga de la suciedad diaria y contienen diversos ingredientes antiedad. Por otro lado, las cremas se enfocan en proporcionar beneficios específicos a la piel, siendo su... Continue Reading →

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