Shoes every Bossgirl needs

Every working girl must be prepared for challenges that may come to her career, and she must also adapt her closet to face a demanding daily life. Your style of dressing must demonstrate safety, integrity, sense of style must be versatile, appropriate and, of course, comfortable. Some people say that you should Get dressed for the life you want to have. It has a lot to do with branding and portraying the correct self-image you want to give in this case in the workplace. When you’re a businesswoman or an entrepreneur this may vary depending on the occasion, events or clients. But try to always pay attention to this, due to the fact that you are the sole representation of your work and company.

Taking all this into consideration, it is worth paying special attention to our selection of shoes. They are vital to elevate any look and guarantees that we feel more or less comfortable during a workday, business event or night party.

If you are a busy woman between office hours, appointments and events, your lifestyle will largely define your shopping lists. Therefore, we help you with this recommendation of shoes that every working girl must have in her closet so she can be prepared for anything that comes her way.

Fit Heels

There is no look that does not improve with a few centimeters more height, but we shouldn’t sacrifice our comfort and integrity for some shoes that are very beautiful but extremely uncomfortable. For this reason, you should always look for those heels that allow you to look good throughout the day but also do not hurt you. You can survive the day wearing heels if you learn how to choose them.

LCD Shoes: Cute, comfortable and different

You can bet on moccasins that are still fashionable or some beautiful ballerinas that besides being very comfortable will also make you look very feminine. Both guarantee the integrity of any look and there are even occasions that can be the protagonist. They are versatile and useful especially when you do not know what to wear. If you dare you can add to this category of shoe ones with accent pieces on top that are taking over the streets.

Boots and, if they are heeled, better.

High Boots: Bad weather shouldn´t stop get between you and your plans. For that, you should always have a few boots that dress and also protect you from the rain and especially the puddles. The versatility of this model offers functionality and sensuality, a mix that only certain clothes can achieve. You will never go wrong with boots on the rainy season.
Ankle boots: Because it is not always necessary to cover the entire leg, either because of low temperatures or, simply, it looks better in a look. They are perfect for pants and skirts and give a sense of style that other types of shoes can not offer. Again, they possess that characteristic that a businesswoman needs on the run, versatility, and beauty.


A pair of athletic shoes are a must have in the closet of every working woman. Choose the one you love most Bejeweled, patchwork, painted on or chunky. The white ones are a classic, like Adidas. This year the tennis shoe has conquered the best dressed in the world, just choose colorful style brands like Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Betsey Johnson, they have positioned it as an object of desire in each BOSSGIRL’S wardrobe in every color you can imagine, try the golden or silver ones too they are an IT accessory right now.

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