GUCCI 2018: “A Hybrid Emancipation of Society”

GUCCI, Contemporary Art, meets whimsical dragons, head purses, and cyborg looks, a true experimental lab of Fashion Design. This wasn’t a runway for the conservative fashionista or faint-hearted, CREATIVITY is EVERYTHING and ANYTHING for GUCCI 2018.

The runway was filled with crystals and beaded headpieces, embellished hardware inspired by a vintage jewelry design, asymmetric dresses and men’s bags from the Globe-Trotter collaboration. The collection proceeded to take transcultural references and piece them back together.

The set mimicked the operating room of a hospital or a particularly intense examination room: “We are the Dr. Frankenstein of our lives”, this was Alessandro Michele’s metaphor for how people construct their identities today. there were all the signatures of a Gucci show, from oversized sequin blazers and lamé shorts for men to full-coverage velvet dresses and logo legwear for women.

It was sensational in a disturbing and surrealistic way, a picture of what is happening to societies that have been bombarded by the age of information.


The show, named Cyborg is a reference taken from the feminist philosopher Donna Haraway’s 1984: “A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century“. This Gucci Cyborg has no fixed identity or place of origin, he defines it as: “ A hybrid, biologically indefinite and culturally aware creature“, “It is a symbol of an emancipatory possibility through which we can decide to become what we are“ these were Alessandro Michele’s own words to the press.

For us fashionistas and Fashion enthusiasts, in other words, this is an example of how changing this world can be. Inspiration may come from anywhere and anything that surrounds us. 

Let your mind be free!

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