A guide for petite girls on how to look taller

This is actually something I personally live with and completely understand, but I would never actually complain about it, I love being short. The reality is all forms and shapes of bodies are beautiful. By assimilating being taller than what we are, in a photographic point of view, this aesthetically makes you look more proportionate. Taking that into consideration here are some basic tips if you´re a petite girl. We will talk about proportions and how to dress them, shoes and accessorizing.


It´s so important to know the proportions of your body and dress according to them. Many women are taller and actually look shorter than they are because they don`t dress in the right proportions. Some women are shorter but look extremely tall because they know the power of styling and dressing accordingly.


When we talk about shoes, not necessarily you need to wear the highest heels you can find, my favorite tip is wearing Nude. When you create a monochromatic effect towards a color that best suits your skin color you will be elongating your legs. The second tip towards shoes is using a pointed toe, this will add at least an inch of leg visually. You could wear in both of these options booties, heels or flats.



When we talk about stripes we are referring to vertical ones. The point is focusing people´s eyes on where you want them to, meaning they will think you´re taller because of the visual effect of longer legs. You can wear them on your pants, skirts, or maxi dresses, the number of lines will depend on the fabric or design, although just one vertical stripe could create the same effect.


Tying your hair up can make you appear to be taller, this is actually a not so obvious trick. Cutting off your hair short or tying it up makes you show off another straight line of your body, your neck. Having long hair usually pulls down the eye making you seem shorter, but if you tie that amount of hair in a topknot or ponytail you’ll create the contrary effect.


They are a great design to wear in the summer and winter alike depending on the fabric of the dress. The long shape of the dress elongates your complete figure, especially if they are monochromatic or have a slit that shows a bit of leg. Always remember the importance of keeping a classy and appropriate style towards the slits on dresses.


This design of clothing generally works with all body types. High waisted pants give the allusion of longer legs because they´ll be starting higher on the torso of your body. This look is also great with skirts and if you pair it with heels you´ll be gaining even more inches on your height. If you pair some high heels with long high waisted pants that cover them, this will create one long uninterrupted visual line on your body adding two or three inches of leg length down to your heel.


This is a resourceful tip if you stay in the monochromatic design, meaning all black, all white, all blue, all pink and so on you will be creating another visual effect. This appears to people that your body is one complete and never-ending vertical line.


Try to keep your accessorizing on the neckline, meaning all necklaces longer than that must be very subtle. The actual line we are talking about is your collarbone,  this will attract the eye towards your neckline, which is another straight line.


Tops with these characteristics will draw the eye upwards and focus on the top part of your body visually. Gorgeous detailing on the neck or shoulder area will definitely create this effect.

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