Vintage Inspired Modern Trends

In general, trends repeat themselves after some years, the only difference in these fashion tendencies is their modernization. The techniques of the production in the textile industry have been upgraded in the past years and the quality of the materials used have also improved. Various types of trends can be compared with their past fashion styles. The shapes of the fabric and garments used before are now crafted into styles that look completely innovated, although they are renovations of past designs.

Platform shoes

¿Did you know that the first platform shoes were invented in the 15th century?
During 15th, 16th and 17th centuries people used wooden clogs to cover their own shoes so they could walk on dirty and muddy streets without getting dirt on them. They were accepted at the best places in Europe. Besides their practical uses, the height of the chopine became a symbolic reference to the cultural and social standing of the wearer; the higher the chopine, the higher the status of the wearer. High chopines allowed a woman to tower over others. Surviving chopines are typically made of wood or cork, and those in the Spanish style were sometimes banded about with metal. Extant pieces are covered with leather, brocades, or jewel-embroidered velvet. Women would need an attendant to grab your hand at all time while you walked.
15th-century Chopines- 21st century (Lady Gaga: Noritaka Tatehana Gold Studded Platform Shoes)

Bullet Bras

When the icon singer Madonna wore it in the 1980´s it was considered very Avant-Gard and fashion trends soon caught up to her styles. But in the 1950´s after the second world war, these bras already existed and they were called bullet bras. They had the same construction, but the technology of stitch curved edges to perfection wasn´t used yet. So, they basically wrapped the material around the curve of the breast and cut out the separate pieces that could be stitched properly. This look was very famous with Marilyn Monroe, she wore it to perfection in her time.

Pencil Skirt

It´s supposed to be significant of the 50s working lady and nowadays a must have in your closet. But if we go back in history during 1900 women often tied their skirts around their legs at knee level so to prevent anyone from seeing their legs while practicing any sport or activity. speed limit skirt also went into fashion when they tied them lower at ankle level, which made the walking even more difficult for women.

Flapper dresses

These 1920s girls were famous for their beaded and glittery gowns worn with exquisite taste that moved perfectly over the body to the rhythm of jazz and all the great gatsby styled wardrobe. These dresses are very in fashion nowadays, we can see then on runways or couture stores, many designers love to homage this golden era.

Full skirts

worn around the body and fastened at the waist were very popular in the 15th century France and all around Europe. In modern 1950s the style came back thanks to designers like Balenciaga and many others around Europe and the US who hopped on the trend. This style can also be seen in runways and high-end designer stores in a short and long version matching to each taste.
15th century France – Balenciaga 1950 dresses
1950 Fashion Editorial Magazine- 21st Century Fashion trending skirts

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