5 Ways to Look Totally Chic at the Office

Let’s be honest, some people are just not into Mondays. maybe IT’S the routinE OR THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP EARLY. for women sometimes it becomes boring to pick out outfits every night, have the perfect hair and look pretty at 5am or 7am. it really is a hard job to be a girl. However, for lots of women, the idea of flaunting a new purchase at the office can change this answer.

Fashion is something the most women live and breathe; it’s something that drives them and inspires them most days. Planning your outfit the night before or putting it together in the mornings can give you the boost you need to start and end –who doesn’t love getting the perfect day-to-night outfit ready for Friday– your week on a good note
. What are the basic rules to apply if you want to look très chic at the office every day without getting bored of your wardrobe? Office wear has never been easier! Just follow this expert advice and you’ll be the talk of the town among your co-workers:
⦁ Going with a classic look –little black dress, neutral pantsuit, pencil skirt– will always be the safe choice for work wear. However, there are ways to spice up this look with a statement piece. Try wearing a fun and colorful accessory to go with your outfit: a bright pink purse or belt, a very dramatic –and big– necklace, a pair of fantastic metallic heels, a colorful blouse, or long and sparkly earrings. Don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit! It won’t hurt you to try new things.
⦁ If your job is more relaxed, you can always go for the casual business look, but be careful, casual is not to be confused with sloppy! The secret to this look is being able to look both comfortable and business-like at the same time. If you’re wearing jeans, always favor heels and a feminine blouse to go with it. A blazer and a great looking bag can also complete this look. You can also have some fun with accessories, but be careful not to overdo it, you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree.
⦁ If your thing is fashion and you know how to mix up different styles, the careless chic look is for you. You might look a bit disheveled to the untrained eye, but you know you’re the queen of street fashion in the flesh. What characterizes this look is the clash of different styles: playing with shapes –wearing both oversized and fitted pieces– and mixing up masculine and feminine pieces with heels, boots, or oxfords.
⦁ The simple and feminine look is exactly what it sounds like, wearing simple and cute clothes to the office. Flowy skirts, thin belts, summer dresses, minimalistic accessories, cute flats, and flirty blouses are all a big part of this beautiful look. Neutral colors are always a must here but don’t be afraid to use a leopard print or flower pattern with your gorgeous white flowy skirt once in a while.
⦁ If you’re more of a risk taker, the edgy look is for you. This style is more appropriate for women working creative jobs and whose office attire guidelines are less strict. However, a little bit of edge never hurt anyone, if it’s on a low-scale, you can probably get away with it. Play with your statement pieces and maybe wear more than one. Using leather, mixing different prints, bold lip colors, knee-high boots, and maybe even some transparencies are key to achieving this badass look.
Don’t be afraid to try these looks for the office and spicing up your work wardrobe! Remember you can always mix up your basic clothes with some statement pieces. Being creative and feeling great about yourself is the only two things that matter in the end. So what will you be wearing tomorrow to work?

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