Fashion History, 15th century jewellery

picmonkey-image-jewelshey guys, this is part of the FASHION HISTORY SERIES I’m writing, I also focused this post on 15h century England. and what goes perfectly with a beautiful dress…yes, you guessed it… Jewelry. AMAZING STONES, PEARLS, diamonds, EMERALDS, SAPPHIRES, GOLD, BRONZE, ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE, THEY USED IT IN THIS ERA. perfectly made into necklaces, tiaras, rings, earrings, even books & pens. These metalsmiths were true artists.
Few of the jewels used in the Tudor era have remained. Most of the crown jewels were destroyed by Oliver Cromwell when England became a Commonwealth. However, a few have survived and are now part of the present set of Crown Jewels.
The Tudor Crown, also known as Henry VIII’s Crown, was the imperial and state crown used by the monarchs of England and Great Britain from around the time of Henry VIII up to the English Civil War in 1649. It was described by the art historian Sir Roy Strong as “a masterpiece of early Tudor jeweller’s art”, and its form has been compared to the crown of the Holy Roman Empire.henry_viiis_crown
14e191ba5f703ee85d66c68b9a3c1dc1The artists of the Tudor court are the painters and limners engaged by the monarchs of England’s Tudor dynasty and their courtiers between 1485 and 1603, from the reign of Henry VII to the death of Elizabeth I.
Typically managing a group of assistants and appre
in a workshop or studio, many of these 30d15df11e5bf28926d57521701fba5dartists produced works across several disciplines, including portrait miniatures, large-scale panel portraits on wood, illuminated manuscripts, heraldric emblems, and elaborate decorative schemes for masques, tournaments, and other events.

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