For some people, ink job like tattoos will look amazing when they are made small and simple. Others like them bigger and flashy, though.

Playground Tattoo is quite popular in Korea with amazing minimal tattoos. He is a truly tattoo artist specializing in minimalist tattoos, already producing thousands of small yet eye-catching body tattoos. For him, as he described about his work, thin line, small and simple are what tattoos are all about. Check these out! 

minimal-tattoos-playground-tat2-korea6 minimal-tattoos-playground-tat2-korea7 minimal-tattoos-playground-tat2-korea8 minimal-tattoos-playground-tat2-korea9 minimal-tattoos-playground-tat2-korea11 minimal-tattoos-playground-tat2-korea12 minimal-tattoos-playground-tat2-korea13 minimal-tattoos-playground-tat2-korea14 minimal-tattoos-playground-tat2-korea15 minimal-tattoos-playground-tat2-korea16 minimal-tattoos-playground-tat2-korea17 minimal-tattoos-playground-tat2-korea5


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