Fairy Art: Amy Brown


since I recently uploaded a video on my own fairy art I wanted to share with you guys my favorite artist on this topic. I discovered her when I was around 15 years old online and I have forever been in love with her work. She is a truly gifted artist with an amazing imagination. She creates worlds and creatures which you can only imagine coming from a book, her name is Amy Brown.
“My goal in my work has always been to capture a moment and offer that moment to the viewer to weave his or her own story. I want each piece to whisper, taunt and tickle a reaction out of you.” – Amy Brown
“Gradually the Faeries have evolved in meaning for me… something more than the typical definition of Faeries being winged girls flitting around in the woods or at the bottom of the garden. They are often wise, majestic and beautiful. Sometimes they are terrible and cruel. They embody grace, mystery, wonder, and miracles as well as despair, trickery, and desire. Wings can be a symbol of freedom, enlightenment, and spiritual growth; or power and strength. Horns and antlers hint at ageless wisdom and grace in some Fae and malice and cunning in others. Feathers signify free spirits or a dark and mournful nature. In the Faery realm, all things become possible and not all is what it seems. My paintings always speak to me. What will they say to you?” – AMY BROWN




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