Review on my 3 Favorite Series

I WANTED TO DO A REVIEW ON THE BEST 3 SERIES IN ENGLISH I HAVE WATCHED COMPLETELY OR AT LEAST MANY SEASONS SO FAR. Series have developed into a mixture between the beauty of the visual arts of film and the time frame of televsion, which for me is a new adiction.



I can imagine that when the director had this book in his hands for the first time he might have been transported to another world because that is what he actually created. I know many fans of the books might have their reservations on decisions he might have taken, but he is a true genius. The locations, the art department, the scenography built, the actors and actresses were chosen for each role, everything is a work of art and always respecting the truth in the storyline. George RR Martin wrote a masterpiece and HBO made its visual art.
Calendar-2014-wall-downton-abbeyThere is no wonder why this 6 Season Series has won so many awards throughout it’s years. Every episode of this story brings a continuity that keeps you wanting more, you get wrapped up in a world that existed before our time, in a very strict society and historical moments that are filled with the beauty of long dresses and jewels with the contrast of the working class, It’s the story of a place, the people and a time. The meticulous work of historians with the art department and the fact that the acting is so well done making it a beautiful piece to watch. 
vikingsAs soon as the Intro begins you get filled with an atmosphere of mystical, power & a feeling of fierce warriors surrounding you with every beat of the drums. The photography and art department have made an amazing job combining color, tones and historically accurate wardrobe, armory, locations, and scenography. The series brings characters that actually existed thanks to the help of History Channel and HBO brought amazing production and storyline to the table. For me, I think it’s worth watching every episode. 

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