DIY Distressed Jeans Look

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I literally made these distressed jeans in about 2 hours. It is suuuper easy and you won’t need to buy them at a store. This was my way of upgrading some old jeans I had at the bottom of my closet. when you wash them afterward they get this “torn” look way messier than before, that is the idea of it. I totally recommend it! 

You will need:

Jeans of your choice


White Chalk





Mark your lines with chalk and, they have to be parallel lines. Cut the parallel lines.

Use tweezers to loosen some of the white threads on top and bottom of each cut. I used needle nose tweezers for this step because they make it easier to dig out the threads. Loosening the white threads prepares you for the next step and also creates a frayed edge.

The number of threads you loosen depends on how long you want your frayed edge to be. I made mine about half a centimeter long.

Use the tweezers to pull out all of the blue threads in between the two cuts


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