Spices Around the World #1


After the dark ages, around the tenth century, new spices from the arab world were incorporated. And in the seventeenth & eighteenth century the refined and aromatic preparations that would eventually form the basis of today’s bottled gastronomy began to appear (mayonnaise, tomato & mushroom sauces, tartar sauce. I will share on these posts some worldwide spice combinations you will surely like to try after you read this. Enjoy!

Fines Herbes: France- Finely chopped or dried chervil, chives, parsley & tarragon.

Appple Pie Spice: British Isles- A blend of ground sweet baking spices, including nutmeg or mace, cloves, cinnamon, & allspice.

Catsup, tomato: British Isles- Developed from Italian & French tomato sauces, but with the addition of sugar, vinegar, salt & spices. A leading condiment of the Western world.

Zaatar: Syria & Iran- A mixture of sumac & thyme, sprinkled over savory dishes & salads.

Five Spice Powder: China- A ground chinese mixture of star anise, anise pepper, fennel seed, cloves, & cinnamon.

Miso: Japan- A fermented, red bean paste, the base of many japanese broths & soups.

Chili Powder: Mexico- A commercial ground mixture of several strains of dried chilies. A prime ingredient in Tex-Mex dishes.

Jerk Seasoning: Jamaica- A Combination of allspice. dried chilies, pimentos & bay leaves. Rubbed onto meats.

 -The Gourmet Atlas-


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