Film: Secrets behind the scenes,THE CABINET OF DR CALIGARI


THE CABINET OF DR CALIGARI (1919) 71min, German.
My fellow moviegoers here are some behind the scenes secrets of the movie CABINET OF DR.CALIGARI, directed by Robert Wiene and considered the first expressionist film in history.
Under the command of Dr. Caligari, Cesare, in a deep sleep strange to this world, he stands in the coffin. His empty gaze at the body of a young bleeding woman that was found in the morning. His face twisted in horror.
Through a flashback, Wiene tells the story of Dr. Caligari (Werner Kraus), hypnotist who uses his powers to commit murder by means of a man called Cesare (Conrad Veidt).
Here are some interesting facts about the making of the film:
1. The original script was altered, instead of showing as responsible for the crimes the morbid Dr. Caligari, he solves the end of the film blaming a mentally ill person.
2 The inclusion of a preface and the change of script in the project was because it started with Fritz Lang and then passed into the hands of Weine.
3 Scenery would be requested to no less than the painter Alfred Kubin, but eventually, it fell into the hands of the architect Hermann Warm and colleagues (belonging to the group of expressionist Der Sturm).
4 Erich Pommer appears as a director, the decorator regards that while Pommer oversaw the project, the actual producer was Rudolf Meinert.

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