Health: Fruits that help your body


Eating healthy is essential. It{s yummy to eat something full of calories, but if you’re looking to lose weight. I recommend eating a fruit, they are sweet and full of vitamins and will help give your body many other things you need. Here are some fruits I recommend: 

GRAPEFRUIT: According to research by the Scripps Clinic in California, this fruit has substances that improve metabolism and prevent your body from storing fat thanks to its diuretic power.
TOMATO: Rich in vitamin C and phytochemical lycopene, which favor the production of the amino acid carnitine, known for speeding up metabolism and burning up a third of the body’s fat.
APPLE: Among its elements pectin, a component capable of melting fat. It is also diuretic, and this ursolic acid on the skin helps to avoid weight gain.
Kiwi: Those who consume adequate amounts of vitamin C, this fruit presents nutrients in amounts, can oxidize 30% more fat while exercising, because this stimulates the function of carnitine.

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