Basic Tips, Health #12: Exercise Tips



By now, anyone not living in a cave knows the benefits exercise brings you. In the short term, it makes you feel good and long-term clean your body and improves your health. Outdoor exercise always makes it more enjoyable. Here I leave some few basic tips:

OPEN PORES: Before sweating in the gym, which can clog your pores and cause outbreaks. Wash your face to remove the base or rub your skin gently with a cleanser or a wet washcloth.
2 PROPER CLOTHING: Wear comfortable clothes, woven with nylon Supplex, which absorbs moisture when in action.
3 HURT MUSCLES: When you have knotted muscles, apply arnica in oil, cream or gel.
4 LOW ENERGY: Smell some mint. Mint in any form, even chewing gum will give you the push you need.


2 thoughts on “Basic Tips, Health #12: Exercise Tips

  1. good reviews on health tips . but just by taking natural home made food I loosed my weight in 3 weeks . wow , that is awesome isn’t it ? this is totally natural .. find those here :


    1. I totally agree! Ive lost weight by eating healthy homemade food. And im not one of those that goes on crazy diets or stuff. JUST BE HEALTHY AND EAT HEALTHY. 😀


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