Basic Tips #10: How to treat stretch marks


Today the options are are so different and they fit every budget. Whether for weight loss, accelerated growth in adolescence in certain parts of your body or pregnancy. These scars or marks of life are a very common problem in women. Many go by different methods to remove them. Here are some natural alternatives.

VITAMIN E: The best ally of the skin, not only because it hydrates and delays aging, but also because it promotes proper circulation. distributed them over the contents of one or two capsules of vitamin E.

GRAPE: The moisturizing and regenerative qualities of this fruit have proven to be excellent for reversing the effects of dry skin. An easy way to take advantage is to rub the pulp on the affected area.

SNAIL SLIME: Several studies confirm that it is able to regenerate tissues by removing damaged cells and replacing cells that give the skin a smooth, natural, soft and lush appearance. Search for creams containing this component.

HORSETAIL GRASS: Thanks to its high silica content, it’s ideal for treating the recent stretch marks. Soak 100 grams of it with eight drops of lemon in a liter of alcohol 40 degrees, for a month and scrub with a cotton.

CREAM: In the market, you will find countless creams that will help mitigate the marks. Although the result is not immediate, it is very good and smoothes your skin if you are consistent and patient.


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