Culture: Did you know?


Here are some interesting facts I thought would be great to share.

1 Tomato was called golden apple in Europe in the sixteenth century because they were yellow.

2 If you spray too much vinegar on lettuce, croutons can be placed to absorb the excess.

3 A strawberry can be covered with 150 and 200 seeds.

4 cassava can help with anxiety issues.

5 The soup is considered the first meal of humanity.

6 In addition to being a food low in calories, watercress is an aphrodisiac.

7 A person has 27% of salt is only in bones.

8 Honey improves the body’s defenses.

9 There are several factors that can influence the appearance of cramps, including dehydration, if you sit for a long time or eating too little potassium, calcium or magnesium.

10 You feel hungry when it’s cold because the body seeks to satiate the loss of energy to stabilize its temperature, this must be recovered through food intake.


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