Basic Tips: Everyday Beauty Routine



Here are some basic tips for an everyday beauty routine. They will help you keep your face clean and free of blemishes.

1 Wash your face with warm water: Use a liquid cleanser according to your skin type or a mild soap and rinse thoroughly.

2 Dry gently: Use a towel and gentle movements to remove water from the face without irritating the skin, especially sensitive areas such as around the eyes.

3 Tone: The tonic is the product most underestimated until anyone using it sees what remains in cotton after application. Let dry and remember to use one appropriate to your type of skin to prevent dryness.

4 Apply the appropriate treatment for your skin: As recommended by your dermatologist, apply in this step acne product, anti stains or moisturizing or anti-aging serums in specific areas depending on the needs of your face.

5 Moisturize: Each skin type has its own requirements. Use a cream or proper serum for your skin, not forgetting neck and chest. Wait until the skin is dry for the next step.

6 Protect: If it is night, it is best to go to the night action treatments. There are products whose action is affected by sunlight. If it is day a mandatory step is to apply sunscreen. For practical reasons, some people combine it with moisturizer or acquire a sunscreen with color and use it as a base. Whichever the method, the important thing is to block the effects of the sun.

7 Clear Face: During daytime avoid wearing your hair loose as you will be forced to withdraw it from your face with your hands all the time, and this gesture, in addition to damaging your hair, also affects the skin. Also avoid that when perfume is applied, it splashes your face, because their components can


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