Art: Hyperrealism


It’s called HYPERREALISM, at first glance you could think there are photographs in front of you. Today we’re going to give some authors and show you their works. You’ll think I’m cheating.


Hugo Laurencena

Laurencena tries to play with the reflections, and you get a perfect picture, these cans. The painter, born in Buenos Aires, is a Mexican citizen and has made several versions of this painting. He specializes mainly in everyday objects, not only cans but also jewelry or shaving brushes. Brightness, reflection, and even dirt are totally realistic in this painting.

Antonio Lopez

Antonio López

The Spanish version of hyperrealism is found in Antonio López. We see this overview of Madrid which is absolutely amazing. If it were not for the line joining the pieces of the picture, we could believe that we have a photograph.


David Parrish

When you see this image you could think nobody would be as crazy as to paint a vehicle with all its parts and so perfectly. David Parrish has done it, and this makes him a great artist for achieving it.


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