Travel: A day in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The summer heat is coming down and there is an awesome spring weather. The trees change colors and people enjoy an afternoon coffee at the tables on the sidewalks, typical of Argentina. “The City of Fury” is another way you can call it, a place where you always have something to do and it never stops moving. The night lights will show you the way to all the adventures you want to have.
Well, I’ve always said that to understand a culture you must live in the country. But if you’re just traveling here are a couple of very cool places to visit.
Let’s start by explaining that public transport is very good you can grab a taxi, colectivo (bus), train and subway (subte) to wherever you want to go. Obviously taking all the precautions of a big city because crime is something real, so be careful where you walk alone late at night.
The Rose Garden of Palermo (Rosedal) is a spectacular place to walk to and enter a worldEl Rosedal.bsas that seems it stopped in a time of long walks at the park, dresses, and parasols. It has a large area where there are nearly 20,000 roses, hence its name. Also, the Andalusian patio, donated by the city of Seville in 1929, consisting of a pergola, gazebo and a fountain of tiles. There are many sculptures, including 26 busts of poets and writers who are in the “garden of the poets”. But for me, the most beautiful thing was to sit with a book to read in front of the lake with its Greek-style bridge and the ducklings swimming.
Another place where I found it quite pleasant to go with my sister or just meet with my girls to have the afternoon tea (merienda). The Floralis Generica, better known as “La Flor de Buenos Aires” (The Flower of Buenos Aires). Donated to the city by Argentine architect Eduardo Catalano. It is located in the Plaza of the United Nations on the Avenida Figueroa PicMonkey CollageAlcorta, practically next to the faculty of law of the UBA University. The flower has an electrical system that automatically opens and closes the petals depending on the time of the day. During the night the flower closes emanating from inside a red glow and it opens in the morning the next day. This is the same mechanism that closes the flower if there are strong winds.bsas pizza
After sundown, it is a great idea to eat the very famous pizza’s made in stone ovens. Wherever you choose it will be yummy and they often come from family recipes passed down from generations. Whichever you choose being Caprese, peppers (morrones) or fugazzeta (with onions) you won’t regret it.
For the plan after dinner there is theater, tango, ballet, bars, winery’s, clubs and many more things to do, but you will have to read it another day.

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