Fashion: GN Accesorios.

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What do you think about the rapid growth of independent design in Venezuela?

I find it very positive that this activity is rapidly developing, of which I am part because through our talent it shows that Venezuela is not just a country full of riches and natural landscapes. We are also a receptive population of new ideas, which merge into unique and modern designs as an alternative to other economic activity, which are in great demand in the country and internationally.

How many designers make up the company and when did it start?

I am the only designer and my company was started in August 2014 with the desire to study fashion design and create new pieces that highlight feminine beauty with unique accessories and fashion.

What materials are used?

 We work with high quality materials and fine jewelry.

How long does a piece take to make, depends on the material or size?

 We manufacture a piece in about an hour or so, everything is depending on the size and design, always taking care to detail and an excellent finish.

I imagine that gradually you built regular customers in the country. Where can we find your pieces?

We are located in Vargas and we are an online store, we have dispatched accessories nationwide.

Have you thought about custumers abroad?

Yes we have thought of overseas customers we have even had clients who have asked bought our accessories and left to Panama, Colombia and the United States.

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How do you advertise your company? Do you use social media for the purchase and sale of pieces?

We perform ad exchange with other pages and use Instagram as a means of buying and selling our accessories

What do you think is the second step in the growth of your brand?

Keep working and innovating new quality pieces to maintain our good reputation and of course give more publicity to my page.

INSTAGRAM: geneaccesorios26


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