Health/Beauty: Beauty myths #1

Someone told me that if I use a ponytail, my hair can break and fall.
Well, tying your hair back very strong can cause splitting. The same is true for updos and very tight braids. However, you should not have problems if you use these hairstyles only occasionally. Do not throw your hair back so hard all the time and do not wear hair bands with metal clasps or are not lined.
Chips, chocolate, pizza and other foods cause skin outbreak.
Although you should not eat too much of any of these because of their high sugar, salt, and fat. It has not been scientifically proven that any foods cause outbreaks. If your face is sprouting, it may be because you are allergic to some of the components.
The lack of hygiene causes pimples.
In fact, many people who have pimples tend to wash their skin hard and very frequently, which can take the necessary grease of the skin and cause the body to secrete even more grease to compensate for the loss. Resulting in a dry skin and pimple filled face. Wash your face with a cleanser twice daily (morning and evening) and rinse with water more often if you wish.

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