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I had the opportunity to interview Jawar Angi Padilla Alvarez, Venezuelan designer of her own brand of accessories Flores Gemelas. Bright colors, stones, ribbons, crystals and originality are what makes it stand. She is located in Venezuela where she currently lives, but ships internationally to Bogota, Miami, Panama and Tenerife.

What do you think about the rapid growth of independent design in Venezuela?

It really is amazing, the growth of all designers today in our country, my motto is: who will not do anything today, it is because you do not want. That result is a lot of competition in everything, but also think there is something for everyone.

How many designers make Flores Gemelas and how did you start the company?

Flores Gemelas is conformed by myself only, the company started in 2009 with an idea that emerged from my mother, my twin sister and me (that’s why it’s named Flower Twins). We started to develop flexible earrings shaped like flowers, and when that went out of fashion, I continued preparing myself in other areas of accessories and everything related to jewelry. Then two years ago I started with the Soutache technique. I love being creating, designing and doing different things!

Which materials do you use? How is the work divided?

The essential materials are called Soutache thread (which is practically one of the main materials), the Strass, stones, crystals, pearls, glues, textiles and more.

Normally, I first draw up all the pieces I need to do daily for orders, and let them dry for a while, then cover each of the pieces.

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How long do you take making a piece? Does it depend on the material or size?

It all depends on the size of the piece, for example earrings from the smallest to the largest, I can take 10 min to 20 min or 30 min per pair of earrings. Instead, with necklaces slow roughly 45 min.

I imagine being so popular you have regular customers in the country. Where in Caracas can we find your pieces?

Like I said, there are people following me since I started Flores Gemelas with the other things that I elaborated. But thank God there is now something called Social Medias, which help a lot for people to know my work.

Currently in Caracas, Venezuela, you can find my pieces in Magnolia store (in the CC Terras Square) in Stores Lulu Collection (In the CC Plaza Las Americas, CC Concresa, and CC Santa fe) in the Shops Bebe Limited by Nair Salazar (in Santa Fe CC and the CC Gallery Orange) and In The Shop Ces’t La Vie (in the CC Concresa).

And if you are looking for something specific, you can contact me directly.

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Have you thought about having customers abroad?

In fact I have several allied people selling my accessories worldwide. We have allies in Bogota, Miami, Panama and Tenerife.

How to advertise your company? Do you use social networking to the purchase and sale of parts?

As I said before, todays social networks help much to publicize what you do internationally.

What is the next step for the growth of Flores Gemelas?

Well, I have many projects on my agenda, we have gradually grown and better our work, and as soon as my next plan is stablished I will gladly inform all our supporters and followers.

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Instagram: @floresgemelas

Facebook: Flores Gemelas

Twitter: @floresgemelasf

 Teléfono: 0414.127.64.55

Flores Gemelas 

Jawar Padilla


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