Beauty and Health: Basic Tips #4 Hair


When life becomes overwhelming, it helps to find tranquility in the things that make you feel better: good food, friends, and a spectacular hair. Hahaha!

Today’s products or techniques can save you from looking like the Lion King.

Greasy roots: When you have literally just a minute before having to leave, spray your greasy roots with a hairspray, then take a quick blast of hot air with the hair dryer for 10 min. Another option is to sprinkle in your hands a little of baby powder and run your hands through your hair, do not overdo the amount! The idea isn’t to end up looking like Cruella de Ville with white hair.
Reinforce hairstyle: For the hairstyle to last longer, spray it with a hairspray and shake your hair down. Then run your hands through your hair and comb it to your liking.
Corkscrew uncorking: If you have curly hair and want to revive your hair, drizzle it with a little water. This reactivates the hair products you wore in the morning.
Keep shine: If your hair has lost its shine, return it. Apply an ointment, hair cream or a few drops of almond oil.

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