Basic Tips # 3: Avocado



The avocado is a great moisturizer for hair and dry skin. It is rich in vitamin E and moisturizing oils, and it’s easily absorbed by the body.

What do we know about it?  

Avocado treatments for hair are popular, especially in Latin America, where it grows everywhere in season and is very healthy.

Do it yourself (DIY): Guacamole Mask for hair:

 If your hair is brittle and tends to break, try this deep conditioner. Puree a ripe avocado, so ripe it looks ready to eat and add an egg and two tablespoons of olive oil.

 Massage it on your wet hair, place your hair in a shower cap and leave it on about 10-15 min up to 30 min. Rinse and shampoo and apply one drop of conditioner on the ends.


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