Basic Tips #2: What´s in your purse?

Before launching to the wild world out there, here are some beauty tips to take with you in your purse:

Concealer: Instead of using base, you can simply use a concealer to hide imperfections, broken capillaries and discoloration on the face. Find a dual concealer palette and mix shades to perfectly match your skin.

a610abd8fe699d869fb2721d8719bcc2 Color: If your style is to wear very little makeup, just take in your bag a small gel blush and lipstick. Or if you really like to travel light multi-purpose dyes for lips and cheeks. These work particularly well if your makeup palette is neutral.

 Lip Balm: Everyone gets dry lips, and a little moisturizer not only feels good, but can heal chapped lips. It’s also great to massage your cuticles and quickly put it in dry areas of the skin.

Mascara: It’s fast and easy to put on some mascara. It costs little and the benefits are enormous. The power that the mascara has to highlight the eyes, makes them hard to ignore. If you like the definition of your lashes using a black mascara, but not its thickness, try a transparent or a brown one, that are softer.


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