TRAVEL. On Top of the world: Warairarepano, Caracas.

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Many people haven’t had the opportunity to find out what this city has to offer.

Caracas, officially “Santiago de León de Caracas”, is the capital of my country, VenezuelaIt is surrounded by the mountains of “El Avila” national park, so in that case, it’s a valley.

Like all cosmopolitan cities it has big malls, historic sites in the city center and lots of places to go. The nearest beaches are half an hour away (depending oPicMonkey Collage 1n the traffic).

My favorite sightseeing place to go is on the cable cars up the “Warairarepano”, (the indigenous name of the Avila). You can also hike your way up on trails or go up with your car by gravel roads. I prefer the cable cars and you can also leave your car in the parking lot.

Once you’re up there, you get a whole view on one side of the capital city and on the other the coast. Since you’re at the top of a mountain you should always wear your coat, because when the sun sets it gets reeeally cold.

If you’re hungry yoPicMonkey Collage 3u can get yummy food in some of the restaurants: fondue, the famous pork sandwiches with garlic sauce, cachapas with white string cheese (they are ground corn pancakes with traditional cheese), strawberries and cream, amazing churros with chocolate or arequipe (boiled condensed milk),  and the most delicious hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted. 

Like all locals and tourists, when you go up, you can’t stop taking pictures, posing for lots of group selfies and having fun watching the street artists, mimes and displays in the big ice skating range that has a 360 view of the city.

And at night if you’re over 21, there is an awesome club called “Cabina Bar & Lounge”. You can buy tickets at the entrance, it has a great atmosphere, good drinks and food. It’s a very chic place to visit.


If you’re ever in CARACAS, go and visit the “Warairarepano”.


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